Our Outreach Program provides underserved youth with soccer opportunities through clinics, leagues, and scholarships. We serve thousands of students in low-income Denver and Greeley communities. Our in-house divisions are teams within our free Soccer for Success after school program. The schools we work with compete on weekends during spring and fall seasons. Schools in the league have demonstrated a long-term commitment to the program. We target low-income areas based on the percentage of students who qualify for free or reduced school lunches.

Our leagues include:

  • after school programming,
  • weekend competitive matches,
  • clinics, and
  • scholarship opportunities.

Our program curriculum is a nationally-recognized project known as Soccer for Success. This is a free program from the U.S. Soccer Foundation. We use soccer as a tool to address children’s health and behavior issues while promoting healthy lifestyles.  Our program is focused on urban, low-income communities. Soccer for Success has transformed communities nationwide through the four pillars of:

  • physical activity,
  • nutrition education,
  • mentorship, and
  • family engagement.

Rapids Youth Soccer implements one of the largest programs in the country. We serve up to 4,000 youth each year across Colorado. Our program is unique because it operates on a league structure. Each weekend, participants play matches against other schools in their area.

Learn more about Soccer for Success on the U.S. Soccer Foundation’s website.

Every season we host special youth clinics for players who excel in the program. The selected players have shown commitment to both the classroom and the soccer field. We reward these players with an advanced session from our Technical Program coaches. We design these clinics to show players how our more competitive teams play. Dubbed “All Stars”, each player in these clinics should be proud of their accomplishments.

All Star Clinics are a good chance for players who have been playing at the recreational level to get an idea of the culture and demands of a higher level of soccer. Participation in a clinic does not guarantee a roster spot on a competitive team, although it does provide good exposure to the competitive coaches and the competitive team environment.

We welcome other soccer Outreach programs to refer their players to these clinics, as we believe in providing opportunities for all youth regardless of their club or program affiliation. Spots are limited, however, so please contact us using the form below so we can meet and vet your referred player as soon as possible.

We offer a limited number of annual Zarlengo scholarships for Latino players of all ages and abilities to join a Rapids soccer team. Eligible players demonstrate commitment to academics, community, and soccer. We expect each scholar to have regular attendance in school and academic excellence or continued improvement. Players must regularly attend practice and games with their Rapids team. In addition, we expect each scholar to be a role model and ambassador of the program. We are proud of the inspiration our Zarlengo Scholars provide youth in the community.

Please click on the “How to apply” link below to start the process of applying. We accept applications all year, but your chances of receiving a scholarship are better if you apply as soon as possible. We recommend submitting your application and required documents by April 30th for the upcoming Fall and Spring seasons (2018-19). Eligible applicants will be contacted for an interview with at least 1 accompanying parent or guardian. Final decisions are determined by the Scholarship Committee. If you have any questions, please send an email to zarlengo@rapidsyouthsoccer.org with your name, contact information and question.


For more information, click on the following links:

How to apply

Sample Player/Parent Contract

Sample Player Contract

*All current Zarlengo scholars must also re-apply for the upcoming Fall and Spring seasons.


We have a variety of outreach-specific resources available for those involved in our Outreach programming. Rapids Youth Soccer is available to help you with anything you might need as an outreach contractor or volunteer. Visit this link to find job descriptions and important resources for site coordinators, coach-mentors, field coordinators, and outreach referees.


Outreach Youth Leagues


  • 3rd to 5th Graders

  • 10 Week Season

  • 8 Games

  • Proven Curriculum

  • Paid Coaches

See Our Outreach Statistics

2017-2018 Budget

Total: $481,806

  • US Soccer Foundation
  • Alfred Zarlengo Estate
  • Fundraising target
  • Equipment donations

Fundraising Strategy

Our fundraising approach is driven by the ultimate goal of becoming self-sustainable. The Outreach Department has historically relied on grant funding from collaborative partners such as the U.S. Soccer Foundation, the Colorado Health Foundation, and the Alfred Zarlengo Estate. We are extremely appreciative of their support as we’ve launched and grown programming since 2012. As we move into the next phase of maturity, our fundraising portfolio will become healthier through an increased number of revenue streams outside of grant funding, pushing us closer to a more financially sustainable model. Last year we launched a series of events and campaigns to reach this goal. For 2017-2018, our goal is to raise over $100,000 outside of grant support to make up over 20% of our total budget. We expect this amount and percentage to increase each year.

Where We Are

Our Outreach programs are located throughout Denver and in Greeley. Schools participating in the Soccer for Success
program serve some of the most economically and academically challenged children in the state; 92% of children enrolled
in Soccer for Success are eligible for free or reduced lunch. From 2012-2015, of families who self-identified (15% did not self-identify),
63% identified as Latino, 11% as African-American, 5% as Caucasian, and 6% as Multi-ethnic or other.

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Clayton Elementary: 39.742964, -104.813712
Allendale Elementary: 39.804687, -105.118150
Arvada K-8: 39.801197, -105.089241
Bishop Elementary: 39.659629, -104.993177
Foster Elementary: 39.793763, -105.076230
Lawrence Elementary: 39.797986, -105.085860
Secrest Elementary: 39.813718, -105.073099
Swanson Elementary: 39.821284, -105.063745
Godsman: 39.690130, -105.013222
Johnson Elementary: 39.683648, -105.029263
Math and Science Leadership Academy: 39.708854, -105.011465
McMeen: 39.698288, -104.921193
Samuels: 39.642755, -104.892277
Crawford: 39.742864, -104.871058
Dupont Elementary: 39.841428, -104.916601
Green Valley Elementary: 39.773505, -104.748432
Greenwood: 39.786988, -104.817867
Kemp Elementary: 39.819838, -104.908599
STEM Launch: 39.868596, -105.005106
Virgina Court: 39.707506, -104.840844
Welby Community School: 39.837594, -104.974663
Dos Rios Elementary School: 40.381742, -104.712741
Salida Del Sol Academy: 40.395853, -104.676312
Billie Martinez Elementary School: 40.429848, -104.703311
Beach Court: 39.786532, -105.017578
Monterey Community School: 39.786532, -105.017578
Centennial K-5 Elementary School: 40.378011, -104.702891
Compass Academy: 39.676018, -105.025720
Emory Elementary: 39.715505, -105.075944
Strive PREP Westwood: 39.710039, -105.044606
Vickers Boys and Girls Club: 39.764479, -104.922891
Strive PREP - Ruby Hill: 39.677607, -105.018688

Ready to Get Involved?

Let us know how you want to help support Denver kids. Donate, volunteer, coach, or sponsor.


Our programs survive on individual, foundation, and grant support. Consider providing a monetary donation to the Rapids Youth Soccer outreach effort.


Want to help out? Send us an email to let us know if you’re available for any of the following 2017-18 fundraising events:

  • Icebreaker Tournament – March 2018
  • Kelvin Norman Memorial Tournament – June 2018

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