FutCinco (9U-14U)

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Futsal Leagues

Cost: $55 per player

Location: Mountain Range High School

Dates: Nov. 18 // Dec. 2, 9, 16 // Jan. 6, 13

Time: 9:00AM-2:00PM

Roster Size: 9 player maximum on each roster

Rapids Youth Soccer offers futsal leagues nearly year-round at Mountain Range High School. Each 6-7-week season of futsal within the facility offers the chance to continue your growth as a soccer player with a consistent game time and location.

According to a FIFA report, “an average 40-minute futsal game, a player will touch the ball roughly every 29 seconds, or 80 total touches.” Now compare that to a 90-minute outdoor soccer game where players only make around 30-40 touches. In futsal, players make double the touches in half the time. As a result, the game places considerable demand on technique, movement, and tactical awareness.