Futsal Leagues

Rapids Youth Soccer offers futsal leagues nearly year-round at The Eddy. Each 6 or 7-week season of futsal within the facility offers the chance to continue your growth as a soccer player with a consistent game time and location.

According to a FIFA report, “an average 40-minute futsal game, a player will touch the ball roughly every 29 seconds, or 80 total touches.” Now compare that to a 90-minute outdoor soccer game where players only make around 30-40 touches. In futsal, players make double the touches in half the time. As a result, the game places considerable demand on technique, movement, and tactical awareness.

Futsal Team Registration: We recommend a team of 7-10 players with an established Volunteer Parent Coach register for their specific day and time on the futsal schedule. This allows for the most consistency and success for the league. Coaches or Team Managers can take the lead on registering the team and collecting fees from the interested players.

Benefits of Futsal

  • Located in The Eddy, our brand new indoor training facility
  • Consistent time and location each week
  • High quality and health conscious synthetic turf fields
  • High speed wi-fi for parents and spectators
  • Seating for 150+ during games
  • Easy viewing of all games
  • Televisions available for parents and spectators
  • Low cost registration fees
  • Increased number of touches on the ball

Futsal Update (2020-2021)

Due to local and state restrictions in response to mitigating the COVID-19 pandemic, CRYSC is unable to offer futsal leagues for winter 2020 inside the Eddy. Please check out our Soccer Camps for how to keep your player active this winter.