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As part of the Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club transfer to US Connect for our sports management system, we are introducing Team Connect to all parents and participants in our programs. Team Connect simplifies team management while creating a safe, simple, and fun network for all our teams. This program will help emphasize the fantastic community culture we have here at Rapids Youth Soccer, by allowing for streamlined communication between coaches, parents, players, and the Club.


  • Announcement: A public notice that is sent via email to roster members by team admins, such as your coach or team manager.
  • Bonzi Messages: Internal Bonzi Team messages. At the top of your screen is a “Messages” option where you can internally message roster members who have accepted their team invites.
  • MultiTeam Dashboard: A collective view of team information when you are involved with multiple teams.
  • Team Admins: The coaching staff that has administrative permissions in Bonzi Team.
  • Team Feed: An interactive one-stop view of the most recent team updates.
  • Team Parent: An admin role that allows parents who didn’t register as a volunteer to help manage Bonzi Team information.
  • Team Roster: In Bonzi Team, a team roster consists of the coaching staff, players, and parents.

Team Invite Code

What is a team invite code? This code is emailed to roster members with the team invitation and helps connect a user account to a specific team. The easiest way to connect to a team is to simply click on the link in the team invitation. If, for any reason, a user cannot click the link, copy the invite code in grey at the very bottom of your invite email and go to Click the “Got An Invite?” link in the top right. 

How do I connect one account to multiple teams?

If a parent has multiple teams on Bonzi Team, it’s ideal to create ONE Bonzi Team account and then activate all team profiles under that single account. Follow the instructions below to use ONE account for all team profiles. 

  1. Log in or create a Bonzi Team account, then click the name in the top right corner of the browser window.
  2. Choose “Create or Join a Team” from the pull-down menu.
  3. Enter the invite code in the “Join a Team” box.
  4. Click “Join”. The user will be switched to the new team’s Bonzi Team.
  5. Repeat this process until all your team profiles are activated.

Team Roster

What’s everyone’s first stop when logging into Bonzi Team? The team roster! On this roster you will see coaching staff, players, and parents. 

Profile Personalization

Each roster member has the ability to log in and customize their team profile. Parents have full control over their child’s profile. Once a parent logs into their account, they will be able to edit the player’s “About Me” section and add a player photo.

Player Accounts/ Profile

Parents always have the option to create an account for their child, however it is common for a youth player to be too young or uninterested in using Bonzi Team. This is completely fine and an account for a player is not required. Parents have full control over a player’s profile information and will always receive important team information by logging into their own Bonzi Team account.

Accessing Family Management

Does your child want their own account? The family management feature helps the primary parent or account user to organize the teams and profiles of their family members. In the Family Management section of Bonzi Team, you can access all of your family’s invite codes and view a list of all of the teams they are associated with. In order to access the family management feature, a user must have a child assigned to them on at least one team. If that is the case, then the parent can access the Family Management feature as follows:

  1.  Click the name in the upper right corner of the screen.
  2. Choose “Family Management” in the drop down menu.

Privacy Settings

Users can hide or publish contact information in the “My Settings” option under their name at the top of the screen. These settings are linked to the account and will apply to all of the teams they have joined.

Team Communication

Bonzi Team focuses on easy communication for the team. There are three main ways for your team to communicate:

  1. Emails
    Team admins send emails out to their team or publish announcements inside Bonzi Team. Now parents will receive emails from their coach, but they can also review these emails anytime they want by simply logging into their Bonzi Team account.
  2. Bonzi Team Messages
    Bonzi Team Messaging is the internal communication feature for Bonzi Team. With Bonzi Team messages you can communicate with team members across multiple teams that have accepted their team invitations. Think of this like a very basic email inbox; you can see received and sent messages, be shown read and unread messages, and view a reply/comment thread for a single message. To access your inbox click “Messages” in the top right corner of your screen.
  3. Text Messaging
    When Bonzi Team users add a mobile number and mobile carrier to their account they will be able to receive text alerts from team admins and text notifications for team updates that they choose under their personal notification settings.
Set Up Text Messaging
  1. Click on the name in the upper right hand corner of the window.
  2. Choose “My Settings” in the pull down menu.
  3. Click “Profile”.
  4. Scroll down until you find the area for “Contact Information”. In the spaces provided choose phone type (i.e. home, mobile, etc), insert the phone number, and choose phone carrier in order to receive text message alerts. Note: It is very important to include the phone carrier if to receive text messages.
  5. When done, click “Save” in the upper right corner of the expanded information panel.


In a user’s personal settings they have a “Notifications” option. Here they can choose if they want an email, Bonzi Team Message, or a SMS text notification for the different features of Bonzi Team, such as changes to the roster, schedule, photo albums, or forms.

  1. To turn on notifications click the name in the upper right corner of the browser window.
  2. Choose “My Settings” in the pull down menu that appears.
  3. Click “Notifications” on your new page.
  4. A panel will expand to the right. Check the box next to each Bonzi Team feature to get notifications.
  5. When done choose “Save”.


There are three types of schedule items in the Bonzi Team calendar; games, practices, and events. When locations are added, Bonzi Team will provide a google map and weather report for that day. Team members are automatically emailed when a new item is added to their team schedule.

Game & Practice Attendance

The most popular and useful feature in Bonzi Team is the Attendance Tracker, where players, parents, and team admins can mark if they will be able to attend a practice or game. Parents are able to mark the attendance for themselves and any children they have on the team. Their name and the child’s name will be listed at the top of each section.

Photo Sharing

Ready to have a little fun? Players, parents and team admins can create albums and share photos on Bonzi Team. With our advanced editing features, everyone can have tons of fun with their team pictures.

Need Some Help?

If you have any questions about Bonzi Team, or even suggestions on how to improve Bonzi Team, Bonzi wants to hear from you! In the upper right corner of your screen you will see a “Help” option. Please feel free to skim the Bonzi help guide, but representatives are also available for live chat and email support at [email protected]. You can also call Bonzi at 866.­726.­4131 for extra assistance.

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