Growing Up with Recreational Soccer

Growing Up with Recreational Soccer

Posted by: Regan Brown | 6U-8U Program Director

More often than not, the first experience that young players have with organized soccer is through a recreational program. We understand and appreciate the importance of these formative years in the lives of our players, from both a technical and emotional standpoint. It is during these early years that players fall in love with the game.

The Rapids Youth Soccer Recreational program focuses on keeping soccer fun as we introduce basic principles of the game. For our youngest players in Soccer Start, we use easy-to-follow imaginative games that focus on ball control and handling. This introductory program for toddlers and preschoolers doesn’t incorporate weekend games, but will introduce scrimmages for developmentally ready teams.

During the younger years, players are developmentally programmed to focus on themselves and the ball, not much else. It may take them multiple seasons to even realize their role within a team. As a result, our 6U-8U curriculum works to build individual technical skills while fostering brave, soccer-loving players. At this age, in-house games are introduced on weekends as players have a stronger sense of control and goal scoring.

As players enter into the 9U-10U Recreational program, we introduce them to larger fields and more tactical skills, such as team shape and passing the ball. This program players to continue their individual development without the added stress of travel or high-competition atmospheres. For those who show dedication to practicing soccer, we have introduced a Recreational PLUS program to incorporate professional training into the session. We recognize that our players have different needs and want to establish a home for every player in the club. For more information on the 9U-10U program options, click here.

Throughout our Recreational program, we continue to emphasize the enjoyment of the game (and exercise) while developing lifelong soccer fans. We also take care to introduce basic life skills our young players can take off the field as they grow up. For example, soccer training helps teach teamwork, sharing, and good communication to help set kids up for success in all areas of their lives.

Is your child interested in joining a recreational soccer team? Click here to register.

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