Coach Expectations

All members of the Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club coaching staff are to see themselves as role models and ambassadors for the Club. We ask that our coaches be aware of how they represent themselves, their team, and Rapids Youth Soccer. It is imperative that our coaches are respectful to all around them including parents, opposing teams, and referees. We expect our coaches to exhibit professional behavior at all times, both on and off the field. Disciplinary action will be taken against any member of the coaching staff whose actions bring the Club into disrepute.

Rapids Youth Soccer coaches should aspire to be experts in player development and seek feedback and education, both formal and informal, that will help them down that path. We provide a variety of educational opportunities and resources for our coaches, including the coaching portal, to help our coaches be the best they can be. We ask that our coaches prepare for trainings by reviewing the session and curriculum materials provided.
Rapids Youth Soccer coaches must embrace the Club philosophy, The Rapids Way, and take pride in the development of each individual player assigned to them. We are committed to building a consistent style of play across our programming with the help of our dedicated coaches.