Player Release Policy

Published on: December 22, 2016

After a player commits to a team and completes registration with Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club, the player is considered registered to the Club. Each player is bound to the Club for the entire seasonal year for competitive teams and full year registrations, which runs from August 1 of one year through July 31 of the following year. For players who are registered for a season, August 1 – November 1 and April 1 – June 1, they are considered part of the Club during these time periods. Each family is obligated to the full financial commitment.
CRYSC will not consider a request for a release from the program during the soccer year until that player has paid his/her entire financial obligations to the Club and team for the soccer year. If approved, all fees for the entire seasonal year must be paid in full before the release can be authorized. This will include a reasonable estimate for coach travel expenses, any other fees that might be due after the player has transferred from the team as well as a $50 club-processing fee. Players receiving financial assistance will not be released during the seasonal year unless they pay the full expenses associated with the year, including any portion of granted assistance.