Team Size Policy

Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club believes that every player who would like to play soccer should have the opportunity to do so. In order to welcome new members, the Club maintains a Team Size Policy. To ensure the placement of new players, CRYSC reserves the right to add players to a team roster in order to meet the minimum player requirement. For instance, if the minimum team size for a U6 team is 7 and your roster is at 5, CRYSC will try to add 2 additional players but cannot insure it. If you, as a team, fill your roster before the deadline, it is the coach’s decision on whether to accept more players beyond the team size minimum.

This does not guarantee, however, that the Club will be able to fill all teams to the minimum requirement due to limitations on the number of players that register within a geographic area, age group, or gender.

Minimum player requirements by program:

  • U6-U8: 7 player minimum (4v4)
    • Suggested 7-9 players
  • U9-U10: 11 player minimum (7v7)
    • Suggested 11-12 players
  • U11+: 14 player minimum (9v9)
    • Suggested 14-15 players

Suggested team sizes reflect the number of players for a team to be most successful through the season. Coaches are obligated to accept players if their roster is under the minimum number found above. Once the roster meets the minimum requirement, it is the coach’s choice to accept more players.

Note: Once rosters have been finalized and the coach has contacted everyone on the team, CRYSC will remove players only if requested by the parents and player.