Winter Weather Policy

CRYSC Training Sessions, Camps & Clinics, and Recreational Programming

Players are more susceptible to injuries during cold weather, particularly from pulled or torn muscles. Players should be encouraged to wear appropriate clothing to aid body heat retention yet afford adequate movement without creating a safety hazard. As a general rule, training programs will be canceled if the projected temperature (including wind chill) at the start of training is projected to be below 25 degrees Fahrenheit.


CRYSC Tournaments & Events

CRYSC Tournaments and events will be affected if the projected temperatures (NOT including wind chill or “Real-Feel”) dip below 25 degrees Fahrenheit.

If a game is in the second half and the temperatures are 24* or below, the game is allowed to complete the half. If a game is in the first half and the temperatures dip below 24 degrees Fahrenheit, the half will be completed, and the game will be called final at halftime.

Should any weather decisions be made during an event, teams & spectators can expect a 3-step process for the announcement:
1. An email is sent to the Tournament participants (Coaches & Managers) via GotSport.
2. A “Weather-Related Event Alert” is posted on the GotSport Schedule Page & at the top of the tournament-specific website.
3. Tweets will be posted on our club’s Twitter account: @RapidsYouthClub