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Rapids Youth Soccer has partnered with the Center for Performance Excellence (CPEX) to provide opportunities for players with CRYSC to develop as individuals using soccer as a vehicle for personal development and growth. CPEX is a nonprofit consulting organization that provides sport and performance psychology and life skills coaching. Every day the mental performance consultants use performance as a vehicle for positive social change and to teach mental strategies to achieve personal excellence. CPEX consultants strive to help all their clients achieve performance excellence, which includes helping them work toward fulfillment, meaning, and satisfaction in life by increasing capability, developing consistency, and connecting to the joy of performing. CPEX consultants provide the opportunity to train the mind along with the body and to create valuable connections between thoughts and actions.

CPEX consultants are currently earning their Masters of Arts in Sport and Performance Psychology at the University of Denver’s Graduate School of Professional Psychology. Consultants receive a minimum of 250 hours of training prior to working with clients. Training involves rigorous, multi-layered supervision, hands-on instruction and education, and direct observation of working consultants in the field. All consultants are supervised by recognized experts and leaders in sport and performance psychology with over 45 years of professional practice.

Within CRYSC, CPEX provides group and team consultations to all Elite teams as well as workshops for athletes, parents, and coaches throughout every region. CPEX also offers individual sessions for CRYSC athletes at a discounted rate. For more information on the University of Denver’s Center For Performance Excellence visit their website here.

CPEX Individual Sessions

CPEX also offers individual sessions for CRYSC athletes at a discounted rate. There is an introductory individual consult (approximately 25-30 minutes) for all CRYSC athletes at no cost. For individual session rates, see below. For more information contact or call 303-871-2202.

1 Session

All sessions are 45 minutes

3 Sessions

All sessions are 45 minutes

5 Sessions

All sessions are 45 minutes

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To request a consult with a mental performance consultant or to ask a question about sport and performance psychology, please fill out the form below or email


Each CPEX consultant receives supervision from several perspectives during any work with CPEX clientele. Consultants receive weekly individual and group supervision from a faculty supervisor with a doctoral degree or license in psychology and weekly supervision from an alumni consultant supervisor and a group of peers. All information discussed in supervision is confidential and no personal identifying information is included.

Yes. All consultants adhere to ethical and legal guidelines of the Association of Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) and American Psychological Association (APA). Any personal identifying information or content discussed in individual sessions with your CPEX consultant are confidential unless this content or information involves the following: Reports of abuse or neglect of a child, elderly, or persons with a disability, or threat or intent to harm yourself or others. Upon disclosure of this information, your CPEX consultant is ethically and legally obligated to follow the required reporting procedures. Consultants will not disclose to any coach that they are working with a particular client unless the client has signed a release of information (ROI).

Results of working with a CPEX consultant vary and are contingent upon the following:

  1. Client motivation and willingness to change
  2. Client commitment to the partnership
  3. Willingness to commit to the process
  4. Practice, practice, practice. Training your brain is similar to training a muscle – you won’t see an increase in strength or skill overnight. All change and growth takes time, consistency, and commitment.

When entering into a partnership with your child, the CPEX consultant will have the first meeting with the client and parent(s)/guardian(s) together. This meeting will include a discussion of expectations and confidentiality. While parents/guardians are often the primary points of contact for scheduling, CPEX consultants will conduct sessions with the client alone. Requests from parents to sit in on a session will be handled by the consultant on a case-by-case basis.

Mental training is not a replacement for physical skills and training; it is a supplement. Mental and physical skills training must occur simultaneously for an individual client to succeed. While CPEX consultants clearly uphold the importance of physical training, it is our job to focus on building mental skills and working with clients to apply them to performance. Your CPEX consultant will not coach or consult on physical or tactical skills – your CPEX consultant will serve as a mental coach, emphasizing the implementation of mental skills in practice and performance to enhance success.

Neither CPEX nor our consultants bill insurance. If you would like to submit your proof of payment to your insurance company, that is at your discretion. While insurance plans vary greatly in what services they will cover, typically they will not cover services that do not include a psychological diagnosis (CPEX consultants do not make diagnoses, and therefore our services are usually not covered).

CPEX consultants can work with children of all ages, so we encourage parents to reach out to talk about what is developmentally appropriate for your child in relation to mental skills.