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Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club offers opportunities for interested members to become certified referees.

In Colorado, the Referee Course consists of two parts: online and field session.  Future referees must complete both sections in order to successfully pass the course and be registered with U.S. Soccer.


The purpose of the U.S. Soccer Grade 8 Referee Course is to prepare officials for the competitive youth game. Based on the level of training provided, U.S. Soccer recommends that these officials be assigned to the most appropriate age group and level to best serve the game and the referees.

If you work five games per week throughout the eight-week season, you could earn $1,000 for just 60 hours of work. That’s more than many other common jobs for high school students!


Cost for this course is $90. Of this, $50 for all three course sections and $40 for first year registration with US Soccer Federation. Course fees are not refundable but may be transferred to a different course within the educational year. Course fees are collected when the future referee registers for the field course in Step 2.

Grade 8 Course Instructions

Step 1: Online Training

Step 2: Register & Attend Field Session

  • Go to

  • Sign Up For Field Session Course

  • Attend 5 hour field session. THIS SESSION IS ACTIVE PARTICIPATION. PLAN TO SHADOW WORKING REFEREES AND ASSISTANT REFEREES, PARTICIPATE IN THOSE ROLES TO PREPARE FOR WORKING GAMES. If you have not purchased your referee uniform before this session, wear comfortable clothing, tennis shoes and bring water, snacks as needed.

Step 3: Register & Attend Classroom Session

  • Return to

  • Sign Up For Class Session Course

  • Course Type – 2017 Grade 8 Referee Classroom Session

  • Log in with your already created Username & Password to register for a class session

  • Attend 4 hour classroom session to receive your badge. The session includes a review of the online learning sessions, Law 11 and 12, taking the USSF Grade 8 Referee test as well as learning about the administrative responsibilities of the referee

Participants will be registered with U.S. Soccer and eligible to referee only after completion of the three course steps.

If you are a registered grade 9 recreational referee and age 14 you may register for the Colorado “bridge” course to advance to U.S. Soccer Referee Grade 8.

Referee Frequently Asked Questions

I registered for a class, but my schedule changed. Am I able to transfer to another class?

Yes. Please send an email to with the class you are currently registered in, and the class that you want to register for, and we will transfer you to the class you prefer.

What do the referee grades mean?

When a referee holds a particular license (or grade) the grade indicates the qualification of the referee to officiate at various levels of local, national and international soccer competition. Each referee grade is assigned by USSF depending on each individual referee’s level of training.

How are the referee grades managed at the national and state level?

FIFA, US Soccer & PRO manage referees who have earned badges Grade 1 – 4. Referees with a Grade 6, 7, 8 & 9 license are registered and managed by the Colorado Referee Committee.

What is a Grade 9 Referee?

A Grade 9 Referee is prepared to officiate small-sided and recreational soccer matches. The Colorado Referee Committee offers a course for Grade 9 referees.

What is a Grade 8 Referee?

A Grade 8 Referee is the entry-level referee who is prepared to officiate competitive youth soccer matches.

What is a Grade 7 Colorado Referee?

A Grade 7 referee is able to officiate amateur adult soccer matches.

What is a Grade 6 Colorado Referee?

A Grade 6 referee is able to officiate the most competitive soccer matches within their state or region.

What is a Grade 5 National Candidate Referee?

A Grade 5 National Candidate has demonstrated exceptional ability as a Grade 6 State Referee. Depending on the selection process, US Soccer recommends that a Grade 5 National Candidate be assigned to the most competitive national events and leagues, as well as lower level professional soccer matches.

What is a Grade 4 Referee?

A Grade 4 National Official is a referee who has demonstrated exceptional ability as a Grade 5 National Candidate. Grade 4 referees are regularly assigned to the most competitive national events and leagues, as well as professional matches.

What is a Grade 3 Referee?

A Grade 3 Professional Official is selected by US Soccer after the referee has demonstrated exceptional ability as a Grade 4 National Official. US Soccer recommends that the Grade 3 official be regularly assigned to professional soccer matches.

What is a Grade 1 and Grade 2 Referee?

A Grade 1 International Referee and Grade 2 International Assistant Referee, is a member of the group of officials who have demonstrated exceptional ability as Grade 3 Professional Official or Grade 4 National Official. The Grade 1 and Grade 2 referee is the best-of the-best and is considered a member of an elite group of officials who are selected by US Soccer, and regularly assigned to the highest level of professional and international soccer match play.