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International Soccer Tours

Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club (CRYSC), one of the nation’s largest and most trusted youth soccer organizations, offers international, educational soccer tours for CRYSC membership. These international soccer trips include fully customized itineraries, access to world-renowned youth academies and facilities, and an opportunity for players, coaches, and families to expand their horizons while being immersed in a soccer culture.

Trips will be offered for players across all five regions of the Club. Competitive & Elite Program members will have access to a composite, club-wide trip at every age group from 11U through 19U, with each tour targeting a unique international soccer destination. In addition to club-wide travel offerings, individual teams from any region, age, program, and level can work with the Director of Club and International Partnerships, Jeff Oleck, to create their own custom trip experience encompassing the destination, dates, and purpose that best fits the team. The role of the Director of Club and International Partnerships is to provide members with a seamless experience from trip sign-up to tour departure.

Jeff Oleck is CRYSC’s residential international traveler and former Director of Goalkeeping. Jeff has planned and overseen dozens of international trips for soccer players, alongside his passion project as a core representative for Field of Dreams Uganda – a non-profit organization that provides hope, empowerment, and a future to the vulnerable children in Uganda through the vehicles of soccer and education.


Jeff Oleck

Director of Club & Intl. Partnerships
USSF “A” License
Traveler, 24 Countries Visited

2024 Trip Slate

Competitive Age Group Destination* Travel Dates Registration Deadline
2012 (12U) BOYS London & Manchester March 8-16, 2024 REGISTRATION CLOSED
2012 (12U) GIRLS London & Manchester March 15-23, 2024 REGISTRATION CLOSED
2011 (13U) BOYS & GIRLS Edinburgh, Scotland July 26 – August 3, 2024 REGISTRATION CLOSED
2010 (14U) BOYS Barcelona & Madrid March 8-16, 2024 REGISTRATION CLOSED
2010 (14U) GIRLS Barcelona & Madrid March 15-23, 2024 REGISTRATION CLOSED
2009-2008 (15U-16U) BOYS & GIRLS Costa Rica January 12-19, 2024 REGISTRATION CLOSED
2007-05 (17U-19U) BOYS & GIRLS Dusselldorf & Amsterdam June 6-14, 2024 REGISTRATION CLOSED
*click link for sample itinerary

2024 International Trips General Timeline

Phase 1: Trip Announcement & Trip Meeting via Zoom

Usually held 8-10 months prior to travel. Review of the itinerary, education about fundraising and payment plans, and registration opens.

Phase 2: Early Registration Discount Window

Registrants will receive a $150 discount if they register within 10 days of the trip meeting.

Phase 3: Fundraising

Once registered, individuals can take advantage of the Gift of Sport or Manchester United Raffle fundraising resources provided by WorldStrides Sports. Teams/groups can also facilitate their own fundraising in their local regions and communities. Click here to view the WorldStrides Fundraising Guide!

Phase 4: Registration Deadline

Trip registration will close 120 days prior to the departure date. This allows WorldStrides Sports to finalize ticketing, tours, hotels, and soccer content.

Phase 5: Prepare to Travel!

CRYSC Coaching staff will facilitate training sessions prior to departure in order to familiarize players with one another. Pre-Departure meetings will be held to finalize the itinerary, review packing list, and answer any questions from participants.

International Tours Video

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#CRYSCInternational Testimonials


“Our family had an incredible travel experience with CRYSC this summer. In a short time, players grew as a team and expanded their mental soccer capabilities. Players were exposed to a different style of play and bonded quickly with Irish teammates over their mutual love of soccer. Families had the opportunity to attend a professional soccer match, sightsee, and leave the trip with an incredible appreciation of Irish culture. This experience is something we will remember fondly for years to come.”

Ryan & Elaine, Rapids South Parents, Ireland ’22 


“Playing against elite youth in England was eye-opening. The physicality and intensity were like nothing our boys had seen before. There’s only so much you can learn in a week on the pitch, but what really stuck with him was how good you have to be to continue to play at an elite level. It was humbling, yet amazingly beneficial. Even three years later, we still talk about the stadium tours, the scrimmages, the landmarks, the hotels, the friends and the fun we had.”

Robert & Christina, Rapids Central Parents, England ’19


“I thought the trip was an amazing experience and truly was a great time playing the sport I love with some of my close friends. I feel this trip brought me closer to my teammates and fellow Rapids members and made me a better player.”

Noah B., Germany 2023, Participating Player


“My daughter and her teammates thoroughly enjoyed the trip to Spain. They trained and played competitive games against Spanish teams. Combining soccer and tourism was a fantastic way to spend our spring break.”

Sean O., Spain 2023, Participating Parent

Testim 3

“The soccer-centric activities and tours are what makes this tour. We got to experience the extreme depths of football culture. Our experience included professional matches, touring incredible stadiums (some state of the art), and playing a few teams whose love of the game will match your player’s passion for the sport.”

Sara W., England 2023, Participating Parent

Testim 4

“I believe international experiences like this open the eyes of the players to a world outside their comfort zone. It will certainly develop them as soccer players, but more importantly, it will develop them as people.”

Miguel R., Spain 2023, Participating CRYSC Staff


“Our 2022 summer trip to Ireland was a life changer not only for my son but also for me. We saw firsthand the passion for soccer, history, and culture during each stop along the way. The behind-the-scenes access was incredible! I had been to Ireland before but this was an entirely different and deeper experience. Seeing my son’s jaw drop at not only the level of soccer talent but also the national and natural treasures have left a lasting impression on him. I personally loved getting to know the families better and seeing them on the sidelines today is a whole different ball game. Most importantly, the bonds the boys formed having traveled and played internationally will pay them dividends for a lifetime!”

Greg B, Rapids South Parent, Ireland ’22 

Testim 5

“This was an amazing trip. It was very well organized and had a great mix of soccer and sightseeing. The tour directors were fantastic, fun, and very knowledgeable. The coaching staff were fun, friendly, and so good with the boys. My son loved it. Overall, it was the experience of a lifetime and I’m so glad we went. “

Ryan H., Germany 2023, Participating Parent

News About CRYSC International

Nw england5
CRYSC Next Wave Abroad

Under the direction of Next Wave ally Jeff Oleck, Director of International Partnerships, the club has created space for three all-girls trips (U12G in 2023, U14G in 2023, and U12G in 2024) over the last year. In addition, seven out of the twelve staff members on these trips have been women. These trips show the leverage of our club resources to intentionally create space for young girls to travel, compete, and connect with other players and coaches from different regions.

CRYSC International 12U Girls Visit England

This March, a group of 18 Rapids Youth Soccer 12U girls, hailing from various CRYSC regions, embarked on an extraordinary expedition through England. Accompanied by their families, they explored the vibrant cities of London, Manchester, and Liverpool. From watching Premier League and Super League matches to playing friendlies against local teams to learning more about the rich history of English football, our 12U girls experienced the trip of a lifetime!

CRYSC International 12U Boys Visit England

This March, 16 Rapids Youth Soccer 14U boys from across our regions embarked on a remarkable journey through Spain, blending soccer, culture, and camaraderie. Read about their trip and relive the highlights!

Spain 30
CRYSC International Visit Spain

This March, 16 Rapids Youth Soccer 14U boys from across our regions embarked on a remarkable journey through Spain, blending soccer, culture, and camaraderie. Read about their trip and relive the highlights!

Costarica6 1
CRYSC International Visit Costa Rica

Through the week of March 20th, 77 Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club players, families, and staff traveled to Spain, where they took a similar path to the boy’s group the week before - but had their own unique experiences and created their own special memories in Barcelona, Zaragoza, and Madrid.

CRYSC International Opportunities 2024

CRYSC international tours are a great way for players to experience soccer through the lens of a different culture! From playing local competition, experiencing different environments, and seeing new sights, there's so much to be gained from expanding one's horizon and taking your game abroad!

#CRYSCInternational By The Numbers

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International Soccer Tours | FAQ

How are the travel dates decided upon?

In collaboration with Regional Technical Directors and Coaching Directors, the travel dates for each age group take into consideration: soccer season rhythm, tournament & showcase conflicts, destination pricing, destination’s soccer season rhythm, and minimizing school absences. We understand that trip dates will not perfectly fit everyone’s individual schedule, but by announcing trips 8-10 months in advance we hope that players & families can plan ahead for any missed school, soccer, or social events.

Will players from different team levels be combined?

Depending on the trip registrations from each team, there may be opportunities for players from different team levels to be combined in order to form a viable travel & playing roster. Our goal will always be to create the most competitive roster for enjoyment and parity.

My player’s age group does not have a group trip this year, can his/her team travel independently?

Yes! Teams that have an interest in traveling as a group may work with the Director of Club and International Partnerships to create a custom trip for their team. We encourage the team to survey the desire amongst the team 10-12 months prior to potential travel dates so that plenty of time can be allocated to designing the itinerary and fundraising.

Does WorldStrides Sports offer fundraising opportunities?

Yes! Upon registration for any of our trips, participants will have access to their online travel portal which contains the “Gift of Sport” fundraiser and the Manchester United Raffle. Both avenues allow players to keep 100% of funds raised and apply it to their trip costs. Players & Teams can also create group fundraisers prior to travel and use the WorldStrides “Fundraising Guide” as a resource for ideas.

Are payment plans available if I cannot pay in full?

Absolutely. Upon registration, only a deposit is required and then families can decide to set up a payment plan from the options provided HERE.

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