Self-Awareness Webinar

Katie Pagel

Self-Awareness Series

Featuring CRYSC Director of Mental Performance, Katie Pagel, and CRYSC Head of Edcuation, Mark Wilson.

Within this Self-Awareness Webinar series, we explore what it means to be a self-aware leader and what implications that has on our role as coaches and leaders. In Part 1, we define Self-Awareness and take a deeper dive into Internal Self-Awareness. In Part 2, we explore what it means to be Externally Self-Aware. In Part 3, we take a practical approach, and Fields Brown, CRYSC Boys ECNL coach, puts himself under the microscope to examine how self-aware he is in his coaching.

“Having self-awareness means fully knowing who you are—your values, passions, goals, personality, strengths and weaknesses—and understanding how others perceive you..” – Tasha Eurich

Part 1


Part 2


Part 3