Feb Regional Education: 3-3 CDO Series: Conditioning Players for Game Day

In football, space/time is limited, which (more often than not) means that there is not enough time for the process of “Scan-Choose-Do” (i.e. game situation -> think -> respond). What does this mean in relation to training your players/team? In this Coach Development Opportunity, we will dive into this in relation to the team task of building up (i.e. creating scoring chances).

For Collins CDO Series

Regional Education is designed to pay close attention to the needs of the coaches working with our valued players. Our Regional Technical Team will lead the process of examining topics that both coaches and F/T Staff feel need attention in relation to player development. Accessible by coaches outside of the host as well, the roots of the education will be anchored in the clubs Player Development Plan.

Course Details

Saturday, February 26th, 2022



New Vision Charter School

2366 E 1st St, Loveland

CO 80537



10:00   Welcome/Check-in

10:15   Classroom – Theory and Practical (Session Design)

11:00   Field – Practical (Session Observation)

12:00   Discussion / Conclusion

12:30   Depart


For more information regarding this course contact Mark Wilson at [email protected].