Anthony Presnell – College Placement in 2020

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The College Placement Process in 2020

Featuring CRYSC College Placement Director, Anthony Presnell

Recorded in October, 2020, this brief webinar with CRYSC College Placement Program (CPP) Director, Anthony Presnell, gives a short overview of the CPP and what it looks like during the current climate.

“It is an educational and support program to help our membership navigate the college recruitment process, identify schools, contact college coaches and essentially position themselves in the best place that allows them to play soccer at the learning institution of their choice”

Anthony provides a great insight into the process and the items that a player should look after in order to make themselves a strong consideration for coaches and schools.

The whole dynamic of the college sports landscape will continue to evolve during the pandemic and whilst maneuvering through the climate is going to be a difficult one, Anthony explains that there are still many things that young players can accomplish in order to boost their chances of going to the school of their choice and playing the game they love.

“There is a spot for everyone, coaches are still looking, just remain focused and diligent in the process and opportunities will open up”

For more information on the College Placement Program you can reach Anthony at [email protected]