Player of the Month April 2023


Congrats to Emma Shiffer on winning our April 2023 UCHealth Player of the Month award!


Emma is a goalkeeper for our Rapids 11G South Select team, where her teammates and coaches know her to be a team player with a fantastic work ethic. Over the past year, Emma has moved up from the 11G Burgundy team to the Select team, where she has been excelling in goal. In addition, Emma has recently been selected to attend the United Futsal National Training Camp in Oklahoma City this upcoming June.

At school, Emma participates in Battle of the Books, gymnastics, and the school choir. She also maintains a 4.0 GPA.

This May, Emma will be presented with a plaque and a gift card to acknowledge her achievements. We spoke with Emma to learn a bit more about her. Check out the full interview below!

What influence has soccer had in your life?

Soccer has taught me skills such as teamwork, perseverance, and decision-making, which I’ll be able to apply to all aspects of my life. It also helps me learn to weather the ups and downs of life, anticipate opportunities, and how to work with my peers to solve problems.

Why do you believe that you were nominated for this award?

Based on my love of learning and my enjoyment of soccer. Also, my work ethic and being a team player.

What do you enjoy most about playing for Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club?

I love my coaches and don’t want to disappoint them. I also love that I have separate training for goalkeeping and love what they train me on in preparation for what I might see in the games.

What soccer accomplishment are you most proud of?

Getting moved up to the select team for goalie. Also was selected for the United Futsal training camp in Oklahoma this summer for the goalie position.

What academic achievement are you most proud of?

I have turned my academics in Math around this school year and am now in an advanced math program.

How do you think your teammates would describe you?

Funny most of all. But also a good goalie that helps their team win. I push people to be more aggressive.

What is something that shows your exemplary character, commitment to sportsmanship, community involvement, etc..?

I am very protective of my friends/teammates. I am a very strong team-oriented player that also has a passion to make sure nobody gets hurt on either side of the ball. I will make sure when somebody goes down that they are ok. I have always been that person that would help out kids with disabilities to make sure they were happy. Teachers in school who work with kids with disabilities always get me to help them get the kids to do something they couldn’t and the kids would respond to me.

What’s your favorite soccer player and team?

Alyssa Naeher and I also like Sophia Smith. My favorite teams are the Chicago Red Stars and the USWNT team.

What do you hope to pursue in the near future?

I want to make the varsity team as a goalie in high school and continue that into college. I have always wanted to be an orthopedic surgeon since I was little.

Who inspires you and why? This can be someone famous or someone you know personally!

Alyssa Naeher and Sophia Smith. I love how aggressive and team-oriented Alyssa is and how fast and what a great shot Sophia has.

What else do you enjoy outside of playing for CRYSC?

I love futsal and anything else that involves some form of risk. Goes with the goalie territory. I also love helping people and want to be a surgeon.

Since 2018, CRYSC and UCHealth + CU Orthopedics and Sports Medicine have worked together in an effort to grow the safety and health resources that are available for Rapids Youth players and members.

As our partnership strengthens with UCHealth, we want to work together to highlight the amazing players within the Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club with a monthly ‘Player of the Month’. Check out the criteria and nominate any players that deserve to be highlighted by UCHealth and CRYSC on the UCHealth Player of the Month page.

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