Uniform Policy

Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club’s official apparel and equipment sponsor is adidas. This relationship is critical to the success of both on and off-site programming. As such, all uniforms, training gear, cold weather gear, bags and training should be adidas branded.

Players registered to CRYSC Recreational or Competitive teams must purchase a uniform and training gear package at the beginning of the season from our retail partner, Altitude Authentics. Players are required to wear appropriate Rapids issued gear to each training session and game. There are no exceptions to this policy. Players are responsible for upkeep of this gear. Continuing players will have the opportunity to reuse last year’s uniform if it is in the current style.


Competitive uniform purchases happen on a 2 year cycle on odd years (U11, U13, U15, and U17). New uniforms must be purchased on a 2-year cycle regardless of need. Uniform numbers will be assigned by the Club for Select and Competitive programs.