Registration Fee Policy

Players will ONLY be allowed to participate with Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club’s organized leagues if one of the requirements below have been met:

  • Player participation fees have been paid in full prior to the first scheduled game.
  • Participation fees have been partially paid prior to the first scheduled game with a written commitment to pay the remainder of the fees before the fourth scheduled game.
  • A scholarship form has been received by the Rapids Youth Soccer staff before the deadline and communication has been made with the scholarship applicant about payment plans.


Unless otherwise communicated, all participation fees must be paid in full by the first scheduled game, unless on a payment plan.


Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club will make an effort to collect past due fees as appropriate with potential for removal of current and future playing privileges. Please remember that CRYSC is a nonprofit organization that survives off registration fees. Not paying fees as indicated could result in increased playing costs for all players.


Competitive Programs

After a player commits to a competitive team and completes the registration, the player is considered registered to the Club. Each player is bound to the Club for the entire seasonal year, which runs from August 1 of one year through July 31 of the following year. Families have the option of paying in full at the time of registration, or choosing a payment plan which allows the total to be divided equally into four or eight installments. The first payment must be made by the registration deadline. Each family is obligated to the full financial commitment, regardless of the choice made.